Awesome Infographic

Here’s a great infographic I came across today. It talks about safety tips for online shopping that everyone should know about! I do a lot of shopping online and I’m sure you do to. Do you always check that site is secure before you leave your credit card details on it, do you check it’s a reputable retailer .. or do you just give out your personal details to just anyone? Well, this infographic will get you on the right path.

Check it out:

Via: TrendMicro

Sponsored Review

The best form of advertising is in reviews. Sponsored Reviews sees this and hits two markets with one stone. They hit the advertisers who want to advertise their site and products. They also hit bloggers who want to get paid for their opinion.

You do need a blog in order to be able to give your opinion for Sponsored Review. Their terms are basic but you do need to adher to them. Your blog MUST

  1. Be at least three months old.
  2. Contain original content.
  3. Maintain regular content along with the paid posts.

They pay in US Dollars to your Paypalaccount. You can select which jobs to take and request a fee per job. The amount you can charge will be dependant upon your blog rating. The important thing to note is the price that you request is the amount the advertisers will pay. Part of what is paid (35%) goes to sponsored review, and you get the rest (65%). The lowest priced review starts at $5 but some go for several hunder dollars. Admittedly most reviewers want to pay around 10-20 dollars per review, but the amount you can request will be dependant upon your blog. Sometimes the advertiser would like you to write a review but thinks you requested too much money for your blog and may come back with a counter offer. Sometimes you may even receive requests from advertisers for your particular blog. If you think they offered too low, you can counter offer an amount also.

The best bit of all, is that once you and the advertiser have agreed on a review and a price, you have 7 days in which to compile your opinion and blog about it. They also accept blogs hosted on MySpace and Blogger.

To get started, click on the link, sign up and chose your assignments.

New Avenue

There are loads of ways to give your opinion. The most popular is by survey. However possible the most fun is mystery shopping (especially when you get to keep the purchases). And now we have discovered a new avenue for getting paid for your opinion. There is a requirement and this is that you own and regularly maintain a blog.

So how does it work. Well, if you own a blog, you already know what it entails to keep the blog. Now advertisers was your opinion on their products, websites and services and they want you to shout it to all your blog readers and followers. And best of all they are happy to pay you for giving your opinion.

So watch out for our new category for Blogged Opinions (and let us have your feedback on this section).

Happy New Year

I know that I don’t update this site anywhere near enough… but my resolution is to improve this. However, I could do with your help. If you know of any places that value opinion…. let me know. I will be glad to add them to opinionated.

Meanwhile, I wish you all a prosperous and opinionated New Year.

Send More Info

Although SendMoreInfo are not strictly after your opinion, they are trying to attract your attention because they know that advertisers value your opinion. They feel that if they can grab your attention by paying you to read what they have to say, you can make up your own opinion! 

Ok so how does this work. Obviously you need to sign up (just click the link). They then start sending you emails. Be sure to confirm the emails they send do not go into your junk / spam folder! When you receive an email, you click on it. This is how you make your money. As you click on the email, it opens a browser window and this lets them know you saw the advert. The client pays to ensure you see the advert. In essence they are hoping to sell to you. HOWEVER… you do NOT need to buy anything. You get paid solely for seeing the advert.

Points to NOTE:-

  • If you do not click on the email you do not get paid
  • Each click gives you points which get converted to cash on a monthly basis
  • The rate of conversion from points to cash differs on a monthly basis
  • You do not need to buy anything from the adverts you view

The minimum payout amount is $10.00 which in reality is nothing much and so easily attainable. You can increase the amount if your prefer a bigger payout. The choice is yours. Once you reach your threshold, you just request your payment. Your payment should be sent to you within a month.

Considering all the junk emails we receive, receiving a few more won’t hurt and you may even find you have some extra cash in your pocket at the end of it too. You are not going to head out and buy yourself a silver locket with the earnings but every little adds up. They even have a friend referal system. So over all not a bad deal!



I was going round the web in search of more companies and clients and came across a blog post by Jenn. She was recently asked to give her opinion via a review of a product. However she was asked to purchase the item. It was not a small item either. In her case it was a treadmill but companies could ask you to review anything from Silver Gifts to a chocolate bar. You should not pay to review them! Not even for a chocolate bar even if it is just a few pence. If they really want you to review an item, they will send you a sample. After all, by reviewing the item for them, you are performing a service and should be compensated accordingly. You could be compensated by the item itself… eg the chocolate bar in return for your saying what you think about it or some money for trying the said treadmill which may have to be returned due to its high cost.

Remember, your opinion is worth money!!

Fair Exchange

Ok, not much to write home about but if you do have some extra time to kill, you can win some good prizes here. You can also earn points which can be change for some things though again nothing much but you never know something may strike your fancy.

They do have some offers which are quite good such as get 4 Free O2 SIMS and good competitions like WIN Cadbury buttons….

4 Free SIMS

You can get 4 Free O2 Pay as you go SIMS. You can even get free texts and calls to other O2 numbers when you top up your SIM with £15 a month.

The catch… you have to sign up to Fair Exchange to get them, which really is nothing. Do read our review on Fair Exchange which is coming shortly!