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This is a mystery shopping site. The biggest benefits is that you get £10* CASH for every mystery shop completed. So now for all the details:-

The shops they cover include :-

  • Evans
  • Wallis
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Burton
  • TopShop
  • TopMan
  • Miss Selfridge
  • Outfit

Although technically they will email you when work is available, I have always found it pays to keep checking their site for extra work especially if you are visiting another location.

You are required to make a purchase for every mystery shop. However, you may return the item within 28 days for a refund. The only requirement is that you keep the item until you complete your questionnaire.

You must complete the questionnaire within 24 hours, so that your visit is “fresh in your mind”.

If you do not complete the questionnaire, you do not get paid – obviously! You also do not get paid if you miss your slot. Naturally!

The questionnaire is logged online, so it is nice, easy and convenient.

Time required :- 20 minutes shopping & 20 minutes filling in survey (approximate)

Worth doing – Yes

Frequent work – So So

To sign up, just click here.

*This may vary on a different assignment. However on my assignments they were £10 a time. (cash paid by post!)


  1. Mrs. N. Lovie

    I tried to register as a mystery shopper on the Wilkinson site But couldn’t because I hadn’t filled in a field which wasn;t even on the form!Not too proffessional are they?.

  2. MoneyMistress Post author

    Try emailing them to sort it out. Mistakes happen sometimes and the best way is to let them know!
    Good Luck.

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