Now where do I begin with Ciao. To the Italians Ciao means Hello, and what a welcome Hello this is. Ciao is an amazing website, at least for all our intents and purposes.

What is Ciao?

The beauty of Ciao is that it started as a review website, but grew and grew. People post reviews of everything here. Even if you chose to not sign up, it makes sense to check up other people’s reviews before you buy anything, especially when you’re talking about a substantial cost. Saves making expensive mistakes. (1st money earner!)

Lets talk cash… which is what you want to hear!

  1. You can get paid for writing a review. Ok, most reviews do not get paid but some do. You get paid every time somebody thinks your review is helpful, very helpful or exceptional. You can get up to 2p per rating per review. This may seem a little, but a good review can get hundreds of ratings per review. So it does build up. Every little counts. Besides, you also get to make yourself heard. You even get paid twice as much if it is the first review ever written on that particular item. So you may want to think laterally! Now this is the most interesting, there is a premium fund for well written pieces. The premium fund is worth £1000.00! Yes, one thousand pounds to be shared between the best authors. Now that’s some money to be made!
  2. You get paid for Surveys! Yippee. You fill in a profile. They send you surveys and you get paid. They pay out thousands of pounds every month. The surveys are very popular, so it is recommended that you respond as soon as they come in. They close really quickly. The payment per survey differs according to the length of the survey and who funds it! However, you always know what you will be paid, as it will state the amount in the email inviting you to the survey. An average of £2 per survey is normal, for about a quarter of an hour.
  3. You can earn money by referring friends. How easy is that. Encourage them to write reviews, and earn on every review they write (that earns money!)
  4. Make money with special offers. This varies quite greatly but changes frequently. Sometimes it is good and sometimes not so good. Occasionally, you could also win big amounts rather than earn.
  5. They are also making way into Mystery Shopping. More to come soon.

With Ciao it really is about EARN EARN EARN! You can even claim your money once it has reached the paltry amount of just a fiver, yes just £5.00. Really easy to make with all the methods to make cash!

Remember Ciao means Hello and not just Goodbye!

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