Saros is a company who requires your people like you and me to participate in forums, interviews and discussions. They then feedback the information to the? companies commissioning the research and in return they will pay you for your time and opinion. Their rates of pay are amazing. You can get paid anything from £30 – thirty pounds to £100 – one hundred pounds for a couple of hours work.

No special requirements necessary except that you are a member of the public. Hard huh! Although there are no requirements to apply, there may be requirements for specific forums eg you need to be female for a forum on sanitary products etc.

They even have a system where they may be looking for people from specific demographics and you can subscribe to receive extra emails which show these specifics. If you manage to recommend someone who attends a forum, you also get paid. Payment depends on the forum, the requirements, the urgency and of course that the person actually participates in the forum. Most often it is about a tenner a time. Not bad for not doing anything!

The money from Saros is easy and plentiful. However it does help to live near london as many forums are held there. Mind you, they are held all over the UK, so don’t let that stop you signing up. Just bear in mind that you may get less invitations if you do not live in the London / Greater London area.

Join Saros now and get discussing!

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