My Search Funds

I found a place where they will actually pay you when you do an online search. They are called My Search Funds. How does it work? Well you can set up a search box on your tool bar and / or you can also set up your home page to be your search page. The choice is yours. Personally I prefer just the tool bar as I just type in what I want to search and viola my search comes up.

You then get paid a percentage of the revenue that My Search Funds earns. So over the last couple of months, I earned £10. It is not much but it is literally from nothing as I was doing the searches anyway before discovering My Search Funds… but now my account keeps getting topped up!!

And when you refer friends, you even earn a commission on what they earn via their searches. How much better can it get?

You can also choose how you get paid. They pay by IBAN, BACS or PAYPAL. Perfect and no effort and all because advertisers care what you think!

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