I was going round the web in search of more companies and clients and came across a blog post by Jenn. She was recently asked to give her opinion via a review of a product. However she was asked to purchase the item. It was not a small item either. In her case it was a treadmill but companies could ask you to review anything from Silver Gifts to a chocolate bar. You should not pay to review them! Not even for a chocolate bar even if it is just a few pence. If they really want you to review an item, they will send you a sample. After all, by reviewing the item for them, you are performing a service and should be compensated accordingly. You could be compensated by the item itself… eg the chocolate bar in return for your saying what you think about it or some money for trying the said treadmill which may have to be returned due to its high cost.

Remember, your opinion is worth money!!


  1. Jenn

    Very well said. I was honestly offended at the “offer”. Some other advertisers are doing similar things on various pay-to-blog companies ( is one that comes to mind), and it sounds shady to me. If an advertiser wants you to have a product to review, they should *provide* it for you. No payment on your part should be required.

  2. MoneyMistress Post author

    I don’t blame you. It is insulting. They may see it as an extra sale, but I see it as down right cheekiness!

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