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Although SendMoreInfo are not strictly after your opinion, they are trying to attract your attention because they know that advertisers value your opinion. They feel that if they can grab your attention by paying you to read what they have to say, you can make up your own opinion!

Ok so how does this work. Obviously you need to sign up (just click the link). They then start sending you emails. Be sure to confirm the emails they send do not go into your junk / spam folder! When you receive an email, you click on it. This is how you make your money. As you click on the email, it opens a browser window and this lets them know you saw the advert. The client pays to ensure you see the advert. In essence they are hoping to sell to you. HOWEVER… you do NOT need to buy anything. You get paid solely for seeing the advert.

Points to NOTE:-

  • If you do not click on the email you do not get paid
  • Each click gives you points which get converted to cash on a monthly basis
  • The rate of conversion from points to cash differs on a monthly basis
  • You do not need to buy anything from the adverts you view

The minimum payout amount is $10.00 which in reality is nothing much and so easily attainable. You can increase the amount if your prefer a bigger payout. The choice is yours. Once you reach your threshold, you just request your payment. Your payment should be sent to you within a month.

Considering all the junk emails we receive, receiving a few more won’t hurt and you may even find you have some extra cash in your pocket at the end of it too. You are not going to head out and buy yourself a silver locket with the earnings but every little adds up. They even have a friend referal system. So over all not a bad deal!

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