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The best form of advertising is in reviews. Sponsored Reviews sees this and hits two markets with one stone. They hit the advertisers who want to advertise their site and products. They also hit bloggers who want to get paid for their opinion.

You do need a blog in order to be able to give your opinion for Sponsored Review. Their terms are basic but you do need to adher to them. Your blog MUST

  1. Be at least three months old.
  2. Contain original content.
  3. Maintain regular content along with the paid posts.

They pay in US Dollars to your Paypalaccount. You can select which jobs to take and request a fee per job. The amount you can charge will be dependant upon your blog rating. The important thing to note is the price that you request is the amount the advertisers will pay. Part of what is paid (35%) goes to sponsored review, and you get the rest (65%). The lowest priced review starts at $5 but some go for several hunder dollars. Admittedly most reviewers want to pay around 10-20 dollars per review, but the amount you can request will be dependant upon your blog. Sometimes the advertiser would like you to write a review but thinks you requested too much money for your blog and may come back with a counter offer. Sometimes you may even receive requests from advertisers for your particular blog. If you think they offered too low, you can counter offer an amount also.

The best bit of all, is that once you and the advertiser have agreed on a review and a price, you have 7 days in which to compile your opinion and blog about it. They also accept blogs hosted on MySpace and Blogger.

To get started, click on the link, sign up and chose your assignments.

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