Opinionated? Me? Yes, of course. I have an opinion and am proud of it. You know what they say about opinions… “Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one!“. You get good opinions and you get, shall we say, wacky ones (for fear of offending some strange creature, let’s just use wacky!). The most interesting bit is that in todays strange world, your opinion and mine are worth MILLIONS! You see manufacturers want to know what you would spend your money on. So they spend money so that you spend money so they earn loads! Well if you really want what you really want, and they want your money, well you might as well tell them what you want and earn some money so that you can pay for what you want.

I know that sounded a bit like rambling, but if you read it again, you see that it makes sense.

So, I have, as you can imagine, been flogging my opinion, and thought you might like to also. So I have created a list of all the mystery shopping companies, survey companies and special offer companies. People want to dish out money – why not? I am there to take it, but there is enough to share. Care for some? Then just click on my links and sign up.

Just a word of warning, when you sign up you will receive offers to participate; if you do not participate or fill them in as the case may be, you will NOT earn money (though a couple of places will award you just for receiving emails!). Thought I should mention this for all the airheads out there without any common sense. 🙂 Not you of course!


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