Blogged – If you have blogged it…. then the whole world can read and know your opinion literally.  This means that what you think can really be worth money. The more people who read it, the more valuable your opinion becomes. Let me explain all about having your opinion blogged.

Although some people have access to other peoples blogs, most bloggers have their own blogs. If you are wondering what a blog is then let me explain. A blog is a personal website of sorts. I suppose you could say that a blog is a persons 5 minutes of fame. It is generally open to all the public to read. Some blogs attract no traffic and some have loads of traffic (like if it belongs to a famous celebrity) but most have a medium but regular stream of readers. This means that bloggers pretty much have a captured audience. Advertisers love this, because it means that inevitably, if they advertise on your blog, then they are guaranteed that their product, service will be viewed. However, most bloggers, just blog for personal use and do not want their blog littered with adverts. So advertisers with their confidence in their products and services think if they get a blogger to review their services, it will be better advertising than a simple bog standard advert. Hence, companies are ready to pay for your opinion which you write in your blog.

Obviously, not everyone has a blog, but rather than miss out on this avenue for extra revenue, let me give you a couple of ways to get a blog.

  1. Get a MySpace Blog
  2. Get a Blogger Blog
  3. Get a blog specially designed for you

With the first two options, they are both free and great starter blogs. The drawback is they are not very specialised and rates of pay tend to be lower than specialised blogs. However, getting a blog specially designed for you can be expensive. If you do decide to make money from it then it could be a worthwhile investment. But it always pays to start with a free blog to see how you get on.

Meanwhile, this category is dedicated to making money from your blog and your opinion.

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