Mystery Shopping

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is a way for organizations to review their businesses, enhance their services, protect their customers and improve their products, services and places.

What does this mean to the average person?

It means that you get paid for shopping. A mystery shopper is someone who visits an establishment such as a restaurant, shop or another place of business, to observe and measure customer service, product quality and the surrounding area.

Ok, it cannot be that easy – what is the down side?

You have to observe and report. You need to be meticulous. You have to go to specified shops, restaurants, etc at specific times. You need to fill out questionnaires of your assignment. You need to sign up to places that specialize in mystery shopping (but don’t worry, you can find all the links you need to sign up here).

What special skills are needed?

None really, other than you are a human being who shops occasionally! However, it would be helpful to be meticulous, be observant and perhaps ideally own a stop watch with a second hand. This is necessary for some but not all clients.

How long does an assignment take?

How long is a piece of string? It varies from assignment to assignment. However, giving you a general idea. You spend 5 to 10 minutes observing and / or purchasing in store, and another 10 minutes or so filling out a survey.

How much do you get paid?

This again depends upon the assignment. The majority will let you know before you do an assignment. However if for some odd reason it is not stated, we recommend that you contact the assigners for the amount before carrying out the assignment. This is especially important if they ask you to purchase something. Most often you are given payment for a purchase and payment for a survey. Sometimes it is combined as a single payment. Sometimes it is in the form of goods. Sometimes goods and money. Again always contact the survey assigners for further payment information.

Do I have to buy anything?

Most often you will be required to purchase an item, product or service. However, usually this is paid for when you get paid for the assignment. Sometimes you need to take the item back for a refund. Sometimes you will be refunded the money for the item but you can keep the item but receive no further payment. All this information is usually given to you at the same time your assignment is given. If it is not apparent, or there is no information, ask them for more information.

How often can I shop?

This is dependent upon who the mystery shopping is for. Some people will let you shop constantly. Others may say you can shop as often as you like but must chose different locations. Generally all have a limit but it usually is a monthly limit. Read the terms specific to the client you are shopping for.

Can I be a Full Time Mystery Shopper?

Technically you can, but there will be stiff challenges in getting enough work, even if you sign up with everyone on our list. Good Luck though!

The reality is that it won’t be possible as a full time job, but it can be an excellent source of extra revenue. It is especially great if you are a student, stay at home mum or dad, shop-a-holic, pensioner, or even just a normal bloke or gal with a few free minutes!

Do I have to pay to become a Mystery Shopper?

So far all of our Mystery Shopping Providers listed are FREE to sign up. However, if we do put up a link where you have to pay, we will clearly mark it. Generally, we prefer FREE links!

How do I go about signing up?

We have left links in every review, making it easy for you to sign up. Alternatively just click here for a list of links.

Why isn’t a certain Mystery Shopper distributer here?

Sorry about that. Just drop us a note and let us know who is missing, and we will be glad to include them and review them.

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