What are Surveys?

Surveys are a way for companies to get your point of view. They can learn what you want, enhance their services and well use you to increase their sales. Your opinion is worth worth millions to them, which is why they are happy to pay you for your time and opinion.

What does this mean to the average person?

It means that you get paid for filling out surveys. Surveys tend to be online. They are easy to fill in and submit, and in turn get paid for it.

Ok, it cannot be that easy – what is the down side?

It is. You receive emails saying you are wanted for a survey. You click on it. You answer the surveys and get renumerated for them. All you have to do is give your opinion, and obviously sign up to places that specialize in surveys (but don’t worry, you can find all the links you need to sign up here).

What special skills are needed?

None really, other than some spare time and that you are a human being who has an opinion!

How long does an assignment take?

Most surveys can take anything from a couple of minutes up to twenty minutes. Most take an average of five minutes.

How much do you get paid?

This depends upon the survey. The majority will let you know before you respond to a survey. This can vary from a few pence to a good few quid. This is usually dependent upon how long the survey is and how urgent it is. Some survey companies offer points which can be exchanged for cash or vouchers. Others will offer you the opportunity to win larger sums of money. The bigger the sum the lower the odds of winning. However, only few people fill in surveys, so the chance to win is reasonable.

Do I have to buy anything?

No. However occasionally, you may fill in a pre-survey and agree to receive some products. You will then be required to give your opinion. You would normally get paid after completing the whole assignment.

How many surveys will I get?

This is dependent upon who the researchers are. Some researchers send surveys daily, other rather randomly. It makes sense to be signed up with several clients in order to make the most money.

Do I have to pay to sign up for Surveys?

So far all of our Survey Providers listed are FREE to sign up. After all, they want your opinion. However, if we do put up a link where you have to pay, we will clearly mark it. Generally, we prefer FREE links!

How do I go about signing up?

We have left links in every review, making it easy for you to sign up. Alternatively just click here for a list of links.

Why isn’t a certain Research Company listed here?

Sorry about that. Just drop us a note and let us know who is missing, and we will be glad to include them and review them.

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